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We Create Opportunities for Tribal Communities to Thrive

Each purchase is a regenerative investment which seeds and supports grassroots permaculture projects.

We provide Indigenous artisans with a free service platforms to market and distribute their arts and crafts.

Our ‘fair tree’, transparent pricing structure ensures that artisans always receive 100% of their full asking price.

what we offer...

Andes | Peru

Quechua Collection

These ancestral textiles from the Andes are handwoven using organic wool, and are naturally dyed with sustainably foraged minerals, plants and insects. Each unique piece embodies a wealth of traditional knowledge, which pays respect to the interdependent web which supports all life.

Amazon | Peru

Shipibo Collection

These intricate textiles are hand embroidered in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. They are multidimensional patterns, which connect us to the underlying energetic blueprint of the unseen worlds. These visual songs, are integrated as part of an ancient healing practise to promote harmony and balance in your environment.

Roots Project Records

Listen to our eclectic collection of intercultural fusion music. Our digital record label facilitates tasteful remixes of ancestral songs from tribal musicians, complimented by global grooves from our favourite music producers. Each purchase directly supports artists and projects which benefit the wider community.


Visionary Art Gallery

Explore our Visionary Art gallery, lift the veil and journey into other realms. Through our handpicked selection of transcendental art from around the world, we help fund international permaculture projects.

Originals and prints are available in all shapes and sizes.