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Photo by David Dias Gonzales

Andes | Peru

Quechua Collection

Quechua weavings are rich and organic. They embody a wealth of ancestral knowledge passed down through countless pre-Incan generations. Each Alpaca thread is carefully handspun and naturally dyed, then, the yarn is carefully woven to form an elaborate tapestry which tells a story of love, respect and reciprocity of the natural world.

Featured Quechua Art

Amazon | Peru

Shipibo Collection

The Shipibo are masters of embroidery. Their culture has co-evolved with the ceremonial use of Ayhuasca, a powerful visionary brew. The Shipibo see the universe as a song which is singing itself into exitence.. The designs you see are visual healing codes which can be sung.

Featured Shipibo Art


Visionary Art Gallery

Explore our Visionary Art gallery, lift the veil and journey into other realms. Through our handpicked selection of transcendental art from around the world, we help fund international permaculture projects.