2017 Roots in Review

December 21, 2017

It’s Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The shortest day of the year is here and it’s about that time to reflect on the year…
Lots has been happening behind the scenes with Roots and I’d like to share with you more about what’s been going on...

Our Website has finally launched!!
Hundreds of hours have been spent working on design and development and we're finally functional. Although there are a still a few kinks and tweaks we're figuring out, Roots 1.0 is LIVE! If you haven’t seen it or haven't had a chance to explore yet >click here<

‘Initiation’ the official Roots Project Launch
took place on the Solar Eclipse weekend in August. We created an event where Regenerative Solutions and Indigneous wisdom was shared. We recorded all of the talks from our speakers for you to watch on our Wisdom Portal. And here's a short 3 minute promo video of the event incase you missed it! >>Click Here<<

Roots Project records had it's Debut Release

This milestone marks the beginning of our intercultural remix project. We were honoured to work with Irangui, a Bwiti Nganga (Shaman) artist from Gabon. We successfully facilitated the first project which produced some incredible music. The original music was sent to some of our favourite international artists who did remixes which complement the original recordings.

**We’re very happy to announce the the first payment of €120 has been sent to Gabon. (€80 to Irangui and €40 to Ebando the NGO)

Forming a partnership with Alianza Arkana who are our chosen Non Profit. They will be receiving 1/6th of each Shipibo Purchase through out website, once our live inventory is actived early in 2018. They have been working with over 15 Shipibo communities with reforestation projects using permaculture design. More details on this exciting alliance coming soon.

Developed Prototypes for our Fashion Range

We have been working alongside Fashion Designers and the Cantagallo Community to produce a 100% Organic Shipibo Clothing range. The Cantagallo community have been removed from their land by the Peruvian Government and we’ll be putting together a crowdfunder early in 2018 to create channels of regular income for them and to help fund a suitable place for them to relocate.

  1. Formed an Amazing Team
  2. All of this would not have been possible without the amazing team of dedicated change makers who have joined Roots this year. I would like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this happen.
  3. Jay Bain, Alexandra Marshall, Alex Leeor, Brittney Johnson, Joshua Smith, Tamara Montenegro, Alejandra Ramires, David Dias Gonzales, June Meager
  4. and the many more beautiful souls who are helping to bring this vision into fruition.
  5. Thank you!!!

Roots is a Project with a Purpose
Without your support sharing our posts and decorating your home with gorgeous art from Peru we wouldn’t be able to grow into our potential.

  1. We are committed to creating opportunities for tribal communities to thrive, We will channel resources to help reforest the Amazon, the lungs of our planet. The future of humanity is in our hands, supporting regenerative initiatives like Roots is literally investing into a thriving future.

    Thank you for reading 'Roots: In Review'.