One Planet Development

November 09, 2017

Hoppi Wimbush

Hoppi is the Founder of The Lammas Earth Centre, a global centre for transformation and healing and a founding member of the world reknown Lammas Ecovillage. She has created her own skincare range, Flower Power Organics and grows her own herbs & flowers at her home in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK. She shares her life with beloved life partner Tao Wimbush and is a devoted mother of three children, one inherited and two by birth.

One of her favourite things is creating sacred music in nature amidst the abundant landscape vibrant with food, flowers, herbs, pollinators and birds. Together, Hoppi & Tao have created a beautiful array of natural buildings and spaces dedicated to healing and connection with inner and outer Nature. Both Hoppi and Tao regularly feature on TV, having hosted China TV, Russian TV, Dutch TV, the BBC (1 & 2), Channel 4 and many independants.