The Two Ecosystems

November 09, 2017

David Morris

Is a conservation scientist that has found out that in situ conservation is ineffective. The source of nature’s suffering lies at the feet of humanities consumerist habits and unsustainable agricultural practices. This turned his attention to specialising in soil and, more to the point, the life that lies there. Working with nature became the only way of thinking for David and the more he learnt of permaculture and other natural principles to grow food, the more convinced Ihe became of it being the way forward for the inhabitants of this planet.

These learnings coincided with his own healing journey related to a gut biome imbalance. Our gut biome has an enormous impact on our mood and health and rebalancing it through means of the correct foods and herbs is the greatest achievement of his life so far. As his mind became clearer he started to realise the similarities between our own ecosystems and the outer ecosystems. If the soil life is imbalanced the plant doesn't flower to its full potential, if the human biome is imbalanced then so is the human. This talk explores each ecosystem individually, the similarities, the cures for each and how the healing within will reflect outwards, making the beautiful collection of ecosystems we call home well again.