Organic Quechua Pacha Mama Mountain Bag

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This Organic, Quechua %u2018Pacha Mama Mountain%u2019 Bag was lovingly handwoven by an Artisan from the Ausangate community, using the finest quality %u2018free-to-roam%u2019 alpaca wool, it%u2019s colours are natural fibres of the yarn. The soft, supple textiles interweave symbols with deep natural shades and offer insight into an Ancient Andean wisdom tradition.

This 'Chuspa' was made in by an Artisan from Ausangate, which is considered by the Quechua people to be the most sacred mountain in the Andes and is held as the guardian of Cusco (Navel of the world). Chuspas are traditional Andean bags which have been used for thousands of year to carry the sacred Coca leaf. Coca is used as a food sustenance, energy, clarity, connection and divination throughout the Andes.

Quechua weavings are rich and organic. They embody a wealth of ancestral knowledge passed down through countless pre-Incan generations. Each Alpaca thread is handspun and naturally dyed, using sustainably foraged plants, minerals and insects. The yarn is then carefully interwoven to form an elaborate tapestry using a traditional Andean Loom.

  • 42cm x 35cm
  • 100% Organic, free-to-roam Alpaca wool
  • Hypoallergenic, Water repellent, Non-Flammable and Highly breathable
  • Organically dyed using sustainably foraged plants, minerals and insects.
  • 100% Made in the Andean mountains of Peru.
  • Directly supporting the families and communities of the weavers.
  • Each purchase provides ethical investment into regenerative projects in the Andes.
  • Each purchase contributes to the continuation of Quechua tradition

    These intricate symbols and colour combinations elegantly express the essence of Quechua Cosmology and open windows which offer insight into the Andean way of life. The weavings convey love, respect, and reciprocity for Mother Earth, Mountains, Lakes, animals, plants and all of the elements which dance and interweave to form the web of existence. Explore our Wisdom portal to learn more about Quechua Tradition.

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