Large Andean Organic Handwoven 'Pacha Mama' Floor cushion

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This stunning floor cushion features an ancestral tapestry handwoven by a Quechua artisan from Ausangate, a community High up in the Peruvian Andes.

This 'Mesa' is made from 100% Organic free-to-roam baby alpaca wool, each thread carefully handspun and naturally dyed using sustainably foraged materials to create a unique, sophisticated addition to compliment your home. 

The deep natural shades and complex use of symbology are a beautiful expression of the Ausangate's rich culture, cosmology and tradition.

These Quechua floor cushions stand out with quality, comfort & and style making perfect Peruvian additions any seating area. 

  • Size 65cm x 64cm, Big Bouncy & Beautiful.
  • Authentic Ancestral Woven Tapestry from the Peruvian Andes 
  • Quechua Symbols: Flower of Potato, Condor
  • Corduroy backing with zip and inner stuffed with upcycled polyester.
  • Feature Front weaving is 100% organic, free-to-roam Alpaca wool
  • Organically dyed using sustainably foraged materials
  • Directly supporting the families and communities of the weavers.
  • Ethical Investment into Indigenous peoples and preservation of tradition. 
  • Regenerative investment into Andean permaculture projects

Ausangate is considered by the Quechua people to be the most sacred mountain in the Andes and is held as the guardian of Cusco (Navel of the world). Mesas contain ancient sacred archetypal symbols which are woven and traditionally used in despacho ceremonies, as a conduit for prayer and gratitude. 

Each of our cushions are one of a kind, so if this piece is calling out to you and you want to have an amazing piece of Andean art in your life and feel good knowing your purchase is helping the planet then buy it now! (before someone else does!).


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