Shipibo 'Noi Neshba' Falda

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  • Hand Embroidered by a Shipibo Artisan from the Amazon Rainforest  
  • Approximately 160cm x 70cm (if you require exact size message us)
  • Faldas can be worn as a wrap around or used as ancient decorative art
  • Direct Trade - Artisans are always paid 100% of their full asking price
  • Your purchase helps to preserve ancient tribal traditions for future generations

Through purchasing this piece of ancestral art you are investing into the continuation of the Shipibo. Tribal peoples are on the front line of defence protecting the Amazon Rainforest, for most Shipibo communities the sale of their ancestral art is the main source of income.  

The patterns you see are called ‘Kene’, they are the visual representations of healing songs called ‘Icaros’. Faldas and Telas were traditionally painted and embroidered during Ayahuasca ceremonies. These magical codes are said to be transmitted directly from plant spirits &  are believed to promote harmony and protection.

The complex combinations of colour and pattern create a mesmerising melody which would provide a cultured centrepiece for your wall. They also function as an elegant runner for your dining table or bed and, when worn, make for vibrant colourful scarves or wraparounds.  

If you have any questions please ask, our team is very happy to help however we can.

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