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T The strength and potential of our project is rooted in an ever-growing resilient transpersonal network which brings our vision to life, from the roots to the fruit.

We invite you to get involved and become a part of the Roots Project movement!

Be an Ambassador

If our project resonates with you and you’d like to be a part of it, then why not join the team? Ambassadors are essential in helping our project grow by communicating our vision to the world and fuelling an unstoppable momentum!

Invest In The Roots

If you’re looking to invest into an ethical, scalable regenerative business model with certain potential for exponential growth, we would love to hear from you! The Roots Project offers many avenues and opportunities for investment and guarantees return and a range of perks and packages surrounding our multi media platforms.


If you’re feeling generous and would like to make a selfless offering to help our project grow into it’s unfolding potential, please check out our “currently seeding” page for donor opportunities.

Collaborate and join the community!

' The Roots Project’s infrastructure is wholly collaborative and is rooted in our community-driven network. From our indigenous artisans and our music producers to our fulfilment teams and designers, the Roots Project is privileged to host a global web of creative talent to ensure high-quality, unique products, paving the way for innovative design and intercultural fusion!’

Produce Music

Roots Project Records is looking for talent to be part our remix projects, to create inspired tracks fit for release and assist us to bring the tribal spirit to life, all the while enabling indigenous communities to thrive!

If you’re a producer looking to work with authentic tribal beats and have a gift for intercultural fusion, we would love to hear from you!

Please send your samples to:

If we like what we hear, we will discuss current opportunities with the label.

Fashion Design

We are looking for innovative and creative designers who are inspired to work with global communities and bring their ancient crafts into the mainstream. Our designers work in direct collaboration with tribal artisans, to bring the spirit of their culture alive through ancestral pattern-work, symbolic design and organic textiles. We offer rare opportunities for adept designers who are excited to interweave the old with the new, bridge ancient wisdom techniques to the wider world and celebrate ethnic fusion, all the while, helping indigenous communities to thrive!

Develop Products

If you have an eye for developing unique practical products then get in touch! We’re always looking for fresh approaches to design and new innovative ways to remix unique ancestral arts and craft.

Write an Article

If you work with press or media communications and you’d like to help us out be spreading our word, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to be involved and are passionate about spreading our vision and our mission, please fill in our application, attach samples of your work and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our developments.

Join our Sales team

If you areas of speciality are in marketing and you’d like to help out, we have generous freelance work opportunities on offer.

Sell your goods through Us

Artisan Products

If your make visionary inspired artesanal crafts, draw inspiration from or incorporate indigenous art then we might be able to help provide a section on our store to showcase your work.


If you make or sell natural, organic medicine and would like to feature your gifts on our regenerative medicine section then please get in touch.

Visionary Art

If you’re a Visionary Artist and you’d like to to feature your work in our Visionary Art Gallery, don’t hesitate to get in touch and communicate your art through our multi-media platform.


‘When we open our eyes and hearts to what connects us,
we realise that we live in a world of endless possibilities and solutions.’

Olly Boon - Founder