How Our Direct Trade Works...

We have designed a simple, yet effective network which creates a
'circular economy' and functions like an ecosystem.

On this page we'll take you on a journey through the process each step of the way...

It starts With The Community

Indigenous Artisans make Ancestral art in their communities. Expertly crafted using ancient skills , passed down over thousands of years from countless generations.

then, the photographers...

We work with a team of photographers who are   local or indigenous   to the areas where the artisan communities are located. They share our vision with the Artisans, explain our system and invite them to participate. If they accept then...

We create a 'live inventory'

Photos are taken of each piece, the full asking price is noted and a unique code is generated. The Images are then uploaded to our website and their prices are calculated using our 'fair tree' model (see below). This creates a 'live inventory' and enables you to browse indigenous marketplaces directly from your device.

Voila... you receive your art!

Once your order has been placed from our Direct Trade stock, an automatic notification is sent to our photographer who then informs the artisan. The piece is then picked up and shipped at the earliest opportunity to our dispatch centre where our fulfillment team preapre and send out your package.

Congratulations!!! Your purchase has just contributed to the preservation of indigenous culture and regeneration of the earth.

More About What We Do..

ROots PRoject Stock:

Selecting the Highest Quality

Once each new Live Invetory batch is active, our experienced team of buyers 'cherry pick' the extra special pieces , which are secured as Roots Project stock. This ensures the artisans gets instant payment on and receives feedback on the type of styles which sell well. Roots project Stock is shipped to one of our dispatch centres in the UK or US and will be availbale for next day deliveries and wholesale orders.

Intercultural Customisations

To help artisans maximize their potential in the global marketplace , we work with a highly skilled team of product developers, fashion designers and music producers . They work with ancestral arts to develop a diverse range of functional, unique and beautiful products.

This enables us to appeal to a wider range of customers, support the work of indigenous and intercultural artists and to continue supporting grassroots regenerative non-profit organisations .


Transparent Pricing

Throughout our Website we have a simple 'Fair Tree' transparent pricing structure. This enables you to see where the money from each purchase goes, who gets what and which projects we're currently seeding and supporting.  /

Our Fair Tree is divided intoThirds (1/3's) and Sixthes (1/6's). This ensures the integreity of our ethics is consistent throughout the project. We never barter any artisans down on their asking price, we simply multiply their amount to achieve an appropriate online retail price which enable us to share the funds like so;  

'Fair Tree'

Here you can see how the pies get sliced and who gets what share.

  These products are part of a direct trade between the Artisan and Customer; we simply coordinate the photos, inventory, distribution, fulfillment & marketing.

  • ⅓ Artisans full asking price
  • ⅙ Seeds and Support grassroots regenerative non-profits

  • ⅙ Pays our Photographers & cover End to End Fulfillment

  • ⅓ Gets Reinvested into Roots enabling enabling the vision to manifest.

These products have an extra few steps between the direct trade between artisan and customer, as we purchase Roots Project Stock and tailor the textiles into finished products. We facilitate and coordinate the design, production, distrubtion, fulfillment and marketing.

⅓ Total cost of production per piece

⅙ Non-profit regenerative organization

⅙ to Designer and Shipment fees

⅓ to Reinvest into the Roots Project


Third Party Vendors set up a store on our website, and facilitate design, production, distrubtion, and fulfillment.  

⅔ to Artisan

⅙ to a non-profit that we’re currently helping to seed or support

⅙ to reinvest into our project to help our vision grow and manifest