Initiation was A weekend packed with powerful ideas and
global grooves and from around the world!


The Roots Project Weekender was an immersive launch weekend, designed to bring participants into the world of 'Roots'.

This grassroots convergence for regenerative solutions hosted a line up of inspiring speakers, cacao ceremonies,educational talks, permaculture debate, networking forums, yoga, sound baths, breathwork, healing and much much more!

Image Copyright © 2017 Mark Henson: New Pioneers


"I write to express my sincere gratitude, enquire as to your wellbeing and plant a seed. Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing that passion with us. The Roots Project launch at the Wonder Inn, was better than I could of imagined! The speakers, the meditations, the music and art all complimented each other perfectly in a journey from our roots to the tip of the freshly sprung branches. The guys who were attending had such an incredible vibe, it really was a vortex of vibrational upliftment. And a beacon of our potential future. I'm eternally grateful, I'll be sharing the videos you posted and I'm at your present and future service."

"I had a most beautiful weekend attending the Roots Initiative in Manchester this weekend. I met amazing people who are spreading the message of their ancestors and culture and some who, are putting their lives at risk in order to do so. I met so many beautiful young people who are doing great things to make this world fairer and safer for everyone. I wish you all the strength and good health in the world to continue on your path. Thank you for sharing your time and stories with me. Olly Boon and Jay Bain thank you for everything to do and have achieved - wonderful work guys"


"Its been a week and I have had time to reflect on last week's
The Roots Project Initiation event at The Wonder Inn. it blew me away. it was EPIC - and its taken a few days to digest.needed to take the experience in here I am typing away a week later. It is easy to just turn up and DO these events - I know this one was different for many of the people who this was MY Initiation experience.

From the beginning there were no accidental or irrelevant exchanges.

People appeared out of nowhere to connect and the information that flowed was creative, igniting ideas and opening new rememberings.

One of the drivers which led me to this project is that my SOUL my SPIRIT is driven to ACT."


"I enjoyed the Roots weekend event on 18-20 August in Manchester and met many fantastic souls there. Many thanks to Ollie and the Roots Project team for gathering so many people into one space and putting on a life changing event. Below is a link to various pictures of the Roots Project's immersive launch weekend in Manchester at The Wonder Inn. "