invest ethically

The Roots Project is a 'regenerative enterprise' . the evolutionary models we work with are diverse, resilient and scalable at every level.

through designing ecosystems of circular economies we provide
limitless opportunities for collaborative inNovation.

We carefully ensure that any investments have the highest impact to create the maximum benefit.

We warmly welcome you to
help grow roots, globally...

Investment opens new channels for opportunities which enable indigenous artisans to sell their craft worldwide. We strategically direct funds into areas of the project which will have the greatest effect from the minimum input.

Supporting ancestral art contributes to the preservation of traditional skills and wisdom for future generations. Funding provides limitless possibilities for global community of creatives to work along side indigenous artisans to develop new and unique, high-quality products.


Ethically assured

Investing into Roots means you're investing into the earth. Our networks strengthen the stewards and care takers of the planet.

The free service we provide for artisans ensures they always receive 100% of their full asking price. S urplus is reinvested into seeding and supporting community driven, self-replicating, regenerative design models which restore degraded landscapes.

Every purchase directly contributes to growing food, feeding families, planting trees and spreading soltions.

where the money goes...

Stock Share

We allocate a buying budget to purchase the most stunning pieces for our Roots Project stock each time we receive a new batch of photos. These high quality products are then shipped to our UK and US dispatch centres for next day delivery and wholesale packages.

Investing in stock share enables artisans to receive instant payment and valuable feedback. Our team of experienced buyers have excellent taste, and only buy the finest quality in-stock, ensure that we sell based upon past trends and experience. We generate accumulative income and keep you up to date on how your stock share is doing.

If you see any pieces that particularly catch your eye from your share, we'd be happy to send it out to you as part of our 'Investor Perk Package'.

Product development

Our product development team are continuously spawning new and creative ideas on how we can work with indigenous arts. We use 'lean stack' to test ideas and create prototypes. There are many unique and highly marketable creations that are still in the process of materialisation, your investment will help bring them alive!

Thank you!

We truly value and honour those who support our vision. We warmly invite you to become long term allies to help us to seed and nurture new projects into their potential.

At these early stages a little financial support will go a long long way!