Thinking of joining the team?

The Roots' Community is committed to hiring those who are passionate about the work that we do and who are highly qualified in their respective departments. We also hire inspired individuals who have a wealth of travel experience, that have exceptional communication skills (especially in regard to intercultural relations) and that have spent time among communities in the developing world.

We are proud to host an incredible global team, and a diverse board of directors, wholly committed to the macro and micro visions of the The Roots Project enterprise. Working with a skilled team, on an international scale, ensures that our core members are wholly aligned with the vision and are driven by their passion to be involved. The Roots Project is all about enabling and empowering people into positive action and we strive to achieve this through both our internal and external operations.

Currently, we have no in-house vacancies. If you'd like to be considered when a spot opens up, please email us with a resume and cover letter through the link below!

'Much of our team is made up of innovative visionaries who have a wealth of experience with indigenous cultures and have spent

many years travelling the globe learning from native peoples, sharing wisdom and gathering first hand experience

(in context) of the pressures faced by many   of the world’s communities and wisdom traditions.'’