The Story...

'Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed,

and nothing ever changes without a dream.'

Debby Boone


Our seed was planted during many years we, (Olly and Stef) were travelling throughout Central and South America. During this time, we became deeply touched by the kindness, humility and profound wisdom that indigenous peoples shared with us every step of the way. We came to discover that ancestral arts are the fruits of their cultures and that symbology is the language which elegantly communicates the essence of the sacred sciences.


Our Seed germinated, when we came to understand that these beautiful works of art are often, the main source of income for the communities and their highly skilled handmade work has very limited exposure and is restricted to few passing seasonal tourists.

Through learning and applying nature-based Permaculture design principles , we came to discover how we could create a network which would provide free platforms   for the artisans to sell their work to a global audience and help with projects which benefit the land and wider community.


The strength and resilience of our project relies on strong roots and our vast, diverse network of co-creators. We facilitate intercultural collaborations, by connecting professional product developers, fashion designers and music producers with ancestral art. Together, we forge innovative ideas to create unique and powerful products which enables Indigenous art to reach far and wide, entering into new and emerging markets. This opportunity provides ongoing support and stability for artisans and their communities and allows our project to grow, expand and evolve, exploring endless possibilities for growth and integration.


As our project blossoms into its unfolding potential, each petal reveals a new and unique gift to share with the world. The central bud is our live inventory of traditional craft available directly from our artisans and delivered to your door. Every new aspect of the project is symbolised as a petal which offers it’s own unique expression to the world.


Flowers transform into fruits, and every branch of our project's tree offers a diverse range of colourful, juicy fruits which provide nutrients to nourish our entire network. Each branch is a project and the fruits are the creations which provide resources for artisans, families, communities, partner projects and our collaborators to flourish. Fruits also fall and get reinvested into our roots, ensuring resilience and longevity. As our project ripens into maturity, we grow into our potential and we’re able to seed new trees all over the earth, spawning entire forests and regenerating ecosystems.  


When our infrastructure has fully formed, we’ll be ready to spread our seeds throughout the world, by replicating this model and developing new ones. Always building bridges, we provide more and more platforms for the earth’s indigenous peoples to their share Arts and Wisdom and, in return, offer channels which send resources to enrich communities with whom we collaborate. We have carefully co-created a resilient infrastructure which integrates Ancient Wisdom with Permaculture design, to create a scalable model which is truly regenerative.

' Our seed began to realise its potential and sprouted into life, entering the early stages of its development.’

'Happiness held is the seed. Happiness shared is the flower'  

John Harrigan 

'Always seek the seed of triumph in every adversity'

Og Mandino