The vision

The Vision is to provide earth's indigenous peoples with platforms to share and distribute their art.

We strive to create new and innovative opportunities for tribal communities to thrive and contirbute to the implementation of effective 'earth care' solutions.

Mark Henson - New Pioneers ©

The Mission


The Mission is to create environments where ancestral art can flourish, regenerative enterprise can blossom, and hubs where grassroots solutions can emerge.


“The best way to predict the future is to design it.”

- Buckminster Fuller


The first mission is to create a fully functioning, 'Live Inventory' which enables indigenous artisans from all over the world to sell their craft in the global marketplace.  

This is a central function of the project and helps create a culture of connection, integration and regeneration.  

The second mission is to facilitate Intercultural collboations with indigenous artisans and the global community of creatives.

Our project creates the conditions for limitless possibilites of new and unique, practical products to emerge. This enables ancestral art to create new niches and enter emerging markets.



Photo of Delita working on Roots Project's first clothing range.

The third mission and function is to seed & support high impact regenerative design projects which give back to the earth .

We actively seek to strengthen grassroots initiatives which work with self replicating Permaculture models.

The Ecosystem


The Roots Project functions like an ecosystem.

We mimic natural systems to create healthy habitats where innovation can emerge . We function as a self managing organism, always responding to feedback and adapting to changes in the environment.

We utilise the evolutionary 'Teal Organisational Structure ' and Permaculture Design Principles to align with the collective intelligence of the project , sensing in which direction it wants to grow and devleop.  

The resilience of the Roots Project is dependant on our diverse network of dedicated contributors. Our foundations our rooted in Integration and collaboration.

We continously seek to
stregthen our roots through forming new connections and cultivating estabished relationships. Interweaving our organsation with others who have similar visions and aspirations.

Collaboration over competition, strengths over weaknesses and opportunities over problems.


The Roots Community aims to awaken and empower humanity to step up to our collective calling and become conscientious guardians and stewards of the earth . Together, we can collectively design a resilient and integrated world where we can all truly awaken and evolve.


The birth of a new movement has begun…


Our purpose is to be of service to the earth and strengthen those who protect her.

The Roots Project aims to be a catalyst for personal and planetary transformation.  

We envision a world where all of humanity is deeply rooted in the wisdom of nature.

Awakening to our responsibility and potential to collectively design an ancient future...