Browse our collections in a multitude of ways. Directly below, you can browse by the two tribes we work with, or further down you can browse by product type.

the QUEchua

Our Quechua collections come from artisans who live high in the Andes and dye their wool and cotton with natural dyes from their environment. All inspiration for these intricate designs comes from the natural world.

the Shipibo

Our Shipibo collection comes from artisans who live deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Known for their "kenes" or healing patterns in their textiles - their craftsmanship with brightly coloured cotton is easy to pick out.

all home decor

Decorative cushions, sitting pillows, wall hangings, and more. Your very own piece of handcrafted art is waiting for you.

decor Cushions

These beautiful, one of a kind pilows are crafted from our tribal textiles by a UK seamstress.

wall hangings

Intricate and original, these dynamicpieces of art are not only one of a kind, but without any alterations as well.

Handmade Bags

Made by artisans with the highest quality materials and textiles, then shipped right to you in a direct trade.

Visionary art

Posters from native artists.

Past Items

We are so proud of our artisans that we have their sold pieces archived - let us know which you like by filling out the email form on those particular products!