Live Acts

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers

Fresh from their main stage @ WOMAD performance, we are joined by the 'Kakatsitsi Master Drummers' from Ghana, featuring the Gubi Family of San ‘Bushmen’ from the Namibian Kalahari and David Mbilou, a Bwiti Nganga (spiritual healer) from Gabon. One of Africa's leading percussion ensembles present a fusion of traditional drumming dance grooves, combined with acoustic instruments and chants from the San and Bwiti people, taken from their healing trance-like dance and Iboga ceremonies.  Their epic percussion is accompanied by a dance performance which fuses elements from all three participating traditions.

A rare opportunity to see some of Africa’s leading traditional musicians and dancers in a ground-breaking fusion project. Entrancing and enlightening…

Live with the Orb

Ayla Schafer

'Beautiful healing music from the heart, for the soul'
Aylas' original songwriting draws upon a deep love and respect for the Earth and the Spirit of all Life, evoking a deepening of consciousness and connection with the Land, the light of truth and the heart’

"My songs are my beloved companions, my angels, teachers and guides from within. The voices of my soul and my deepest heart prayers.

I sow these seeds with the prayer that we remember who we are and why we came here, to inspire us to feel deeper as we listen to the guidance of the heartbeat of our Mother Earth in this beautiful emerging of these times"


Archaic funk fables and soul migrations from this hybrid musical ensemble, who's songs explode with heavyweight grooves, fervent vocals and rich instrumentation.
Vocalists Julie Gordon and Damien Mahoney combine and take turns to tell bitter-sweet tales of the self, soul and society.  
Soaking up inspiration from afrobeat to post-punk, Indian ragas through to reggae and acid house, Caulbearers' music is full of dynamic twisting structures and sonic invention!

"If Grace Jones and Massive Attack were one being, it would sound like Caulbearers." - Quenched Music

This is roots music from the rainy city. Psychedelic soul with poetic, social observation.
Sound Cloud
Two lives: -|  Hollow Bones: -

Mobius Loop

Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric gypsy folk stories, fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance and are charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance. Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown.



Marc Constantine

Marc Constantine is a psychedelic one man band, weaving sonic soundscapes through the medium of acoustic instruments and electronics.

Expect Hang drums, beat boxing, live sampling and eerie ghostly guitar sounds!





Derrok joins us all the way from the high Andean region of Chile and is currently, on tour through Europe and sharing his epic new album “Cara Sur,” featuring tracks in collaboration with Rodrigo Gallardo. Derrok has been traveling the world as a representative of the new-generation South American electronic music, catching the attention of many DJs, melomaniacs and music lovers, and being played on the radio far and wide.

Derrok’s music invites us all into a new paradigm that encourages us to run over our roots, where tribal percussions remind us of our ancestors and the wind and native instruments drive us to the distant tops of the Andes.




Baru is a DJ/live-act joining us from Berlin. He’s a passionate music producer who creates deep, bassy, afro-dub, folk fusions. He brings to life a tribal-sonic soundscape, interweaving organic elements and a myriad of ancestral roots remixes.

Some of Stefan’s tracks have been released by Akumandra, Metanoia, Tropical Twista Rec, Casa Caos, Sounds & Colours, Lump Records, GCMN and Shango Records.

‘It’s about music which broadens your mind –  fusing a soundtrack for daydreamers.’



Adam Isbell

Organiser of Mañana Festival in Cuba and resident at the Lizard Lounge, Adam Isbell is a familiar face on the international world music scene.

The Racubah Sound System is a collective of music enthusiasts, exploring dance sounds from around the globe. Musicians, producers, promoters, travellers, diggers and DJs  are all part of a musical family dedicated to finding, creating and sharing the fruits of the world’s musical heritage.


DJ Narrative

Rarely, do you find a DJ who is searching to bring something new to the artform. DJ Narrative manages to fuse insightful narratives with seriously impressive DJ sets. His mixtapes and performances span a huge range of genres, but all with a distinct overall sound and 2017 delivers a much more evolved sound and style.

Coined as the “DJ with no barriers who fuses genres seamlessly” and a winner of the Night Times Award for best dj, his creativity in DJing has seen him perform with string quartets, dancers, performance artists, musicians, percussionists & VJs, as well as supporting a long list of big names with a wide range of residencies.


Conrad (Mustn't Grumble Productions) has had nearly 30 years behind the decks banging out the good groove in all forms, shapes and sizes, from the clubs of Brighton (Jazz Rooms, Huggy's Disco etc) via the music bars of NYC's Lower East Side (Sapphire, Ludlow Bar, Nation etc) to the festival fields where he is to be found most weekends these days with the Lizard Stage, Smugglers crew, Woodburner and others, if not playing the tunes then dancing wildly to them!

Sonny Woods
Flying Tree

And many more,
to be announced soon!

Speakers and Workshops

Kurikindi – Kichwa

KuriKindi (Golden Hummingbird) is a Shaman of the Kichwa people who live deep in the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador. He was born into a traditional shamanic family, drawing on many generations of wisdom and knowledge. He has travelled extensively through South America, to gain deeper understanding from other indigenous traditions and is here, now, in the UK to share his heartfelt message and the wisdom of ancestral tradition.

Nicola Peel – Eyes of Gaia

Winner of the People’s Environment Awards – Campaigner of the Year and Finalist in the Guardian Observer Ethical Awards.

Nicola has been working, for most of her adult life, in the finding solutions. Blessed with common sense, she has focused on finding solutions to the numerous environmental and social problems she has encountered. Since 2000 she has been working in the Ecuadorean Amazon. She travelled from the headwaters in Ecuador and down the Amazon River to Brazil, researching the effects of the oil industry on the environment and the indigenous people who live there.

Her discoveries led her to share her insights in a number of short films as well as the feature documentary ‘Blood of the Amazon’. She co-founded The Amazon Mycorenewal Project, bringing together a group of scientists to research mycoremediation (the use of fungi to clean up contaminated sites).

Nicola’s Film Blood of the Amazon

Podcast with Nicola

Tamara Messenger -
(Quantum Liberation)

After apprenticing in the Toltec path of Don Miguel Ruiz (Nagual and author of the best sellers “The Four Agreements” and “The Mastery of love”), for many years, Tamara became  a Nagual Toltec teacher in his lineage and a Certified Coach to bring the Four Agreements to the Workplace. Quantum Liberation is the name of the method Tamara has devised to teach people how to connect their consciousness to Source, and how to use that connection to transform and enhance their lives.

Vicky Sinclair - R.A.W
(Reigniting Ancient Wisdom)

Victoria is a healing facilitator (curandera) from N.Ireland, with 18 years of experience working with numerous modalities and altered states of consciousness. Victoria has worked and trained with the Shipibo, Mestizo, Nauhatl, Secoya, Guarani, Mayan, Q’ero, Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco, Pitjantjatjara and several other Australian indigenous tribes and, brings the knowledge and practices she has learned into her multi-faceted works.

She is currently working with Celtic shamans to explore her own lineages and voice and sound healing work. Victoria has completed her Permaculture Design Certificate and an Intensive EcoVillage training course.  She also set up a holistic creative eco-technology hub in 2009, ArcSpace Manchester, which won awards for its innovative approach and gained support from the EU Cadic Cluster programme and numerous strategic partnerships in Asia, South America and Europe.

Shivam 0'brien

'Ancient community, New community and the Tao of Natural Community'

Shivam O'Brien has spearheaded a venture into the recreation of tribal community, a 're-wilding' of people and land through ritual, story and the adoption of rooted indigenous ways. His work has brought people of all backgrounds nearer to a remembered way of being and communicating and working together holding secret vision with ecstatic creativity, shared grief and acceptance of beauty above success.

He will talk about the real life, 27-year experiment taking place at Spirit Horse, in a wild secluded welsh valley where an anciently ceremonial village has sprung up amongst the woods and waterfalls against all odds.

His talk will include the story of Sacred man Sacred woman, an annual summer healing and playful ritual of renewal between men and women, and how this may well be one of the keys we so badly need to re green and make holy again our relationship with the earth, life and culture.

Steve Jones (Sector 39)

Steve Jones is a teacher and practitioner of permaculture design, with more than 25 years of hands-on experience and with qualifications in teaching and sustainable development. Steve delivers up to six on-site permaculture design certificate courses each year alongside numerous shorter courses.

Steve is Director at Sector39, an independent enterprise running courses, developing permaculture projects, housing cooperatives and promotes permaculture related teaching resources. Sector39 has partners in Uganda and is currently planning for the first East African permaculture convergence in May 2018.

David Morris Bsc (Hons) /

Is a conservation scientist that has found out that in situ conservation is ineffective. The source of nature’s suffering lies at the feet of humanities consumerist habits and unsustainable agricultural practices. This turned his attention to specialising in soil and, more to the point, the life that lies there. Working with nature became the only way of thinking for David and the more he learnt of permaculture and other natural principles to grow food, the more convinced Ihe became of it being the way forward for the inhabitants of this planet.

These learnings coincided with his own healing journey related to a gut biome imbalance. Our gut biome has an enormous impact on our mood and health and rebalancing it through means of the correct foods and herbs is the greatest achievement of his life so far. As his mind became clearer he started to realise the similarities between our own ecosystems and the outer ecosystems. If the soil life is imbalanced the plant doesn't flower to its full potential, if the human biome is imbalanced then so is the human. This talk explores each ecosystem individually, the similarities, the cures for each and how the healing within will reflect outwards, making the beautiful collection of ecosystems we call home well again.

Andrea Proffitt

Co Founder of Cacao Club & Founder of Crystal Sound Alchemy, Andrea will lead a beautiful immersion into the world of Cacao. Andrea is an adept sound healer, and invites you to join her in frequency as she takes you on a vibrational journey into the world of sound.

Andrea opens a safe space for workshops in the arenas of personal and collective healing, heart based medicine, music, dance and regeneration!  The Cacao Club offers pure natural-high states of consciousness, joy and powerful healing vibes to activate your inner space, create space to clear deep trauma, relaxation and to raise frequencies through an alchemical infusion of ceremonial cacao, music, dance, and meditation.

'Energy is either stagnating, circulating or integrating...we aim to shake up that stagnation, circulate and transform and finally integrate these new vibrant energies for personal and collective betterment.'

                                                                                    Cacao Club 2017


Anahi Ramirez

Anahi is a yogini and healer with a great passion for natural health and finding balance by connecting to Mother Earth's rhythm. During the last decade she has travelled the world, studied, practiced and shared yoga, energy and bodywork with a foundation in nature based traditions. Her call and desire is to offer a sacred space for healing & growth for individuals who seek it. Read more about her work at:

during initiation, ANAHI RAMIREZ will offer morning yoga and private thai yoga massage sessions.


Workshop Details

Transcendental Breath-work session - this powerful tool for transformation opens up and cleans energetic pathways in order for us to become clear and conscious channels. Over the space of 90 minutes exercise you will be guided through a potent, visionary experience. This practice is designed to fully awaken and activate your third eye, facilitating a space for deep healing of trauma and cleansing of blockages in your blueprint.  This practice can result in visionary experience. After this Breathwork session, participants will take a practical skill away with them to integrate and enhance their spiritual practice and development.