Fully Embroidered Shipibo Tela

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Eva Gonzales, a Shipibo Artisan from the Yarinacocha community in the Amazon rainforest of Peru spent weeks skilfully sewing this gorgeous piece of Ancestral Art. 

Telas are traditional Shipbo medicine tapestries which are adorned with sacred Icaros patterns embroidered into them. These patterns also known as 'Kene' are said to be visual songs received by plant spirits. 

Telas, make for a captivating centrepiece to compliment any wall or bedspread.  

By helping to support traditional art through The Roots Project, you are contributing to protection and regeneration of the Amazon. 

  • 65cm x 51cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Authentic Hand-embroidered Amazonian Art
  • Ethical Investment into supporting indigenous peoples 
  • We ensure that Artisans always receives their full asking price. 
  • Contribution to help grow Roots and benefit more communities
  • Feel assured knowing that your purchase has a purpose and is directly helping the stewards of theAmazon.

We are confident that you will be overjoyed by this product so we will offer you a full 30-day refund.

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