Shipibo 'Laberinto en los cielos' Amazonian Wall Art

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  • Carefully hand embroidered by a Shipibo Artisan from the Amazon of Peru 
  • Size is 53cm x 35cm perfect as impactful wall art or a vibrant table piece
  • Features authentic, ancient 'Kene' designs which are said to be visual songs
  • Ethical Purchase, artisans are always paid their full asking price 
  • Feel great knowing that you are supporting Amazonian families their communities and preserving ancestral craft traditions for future generations.

This striking piece of Shipibo art was skillfully created by a Shipibo artisan in a tribal community deep in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Each thread is woven together to form a rich tapestry which communicates the essence of the Spirit of the Amazon.

The intricate geometry you see is called ‘Kene’, they are the visual representations of healing songs called ‘Icaros’. Faldas and Telas were painted and embroidered during traditional Ayahuasca healing ceremonies, where these patterns are said to be directly received by plant spirits. These magical codes are believed to promote health, harmony & protection. 

The complex combinations of colour and pattern create a mesmerising melody which would provide a cultured centrepiece for your wall. They also function as an elegant runner for your dining table or bed and, when worn, make for vibrant colourful scarves or wraparounds.  


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