Handmade Shipibo Decorative Cushion

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This rare is unique, one of a kind, cushion features a hand embroidered tapestry made by a Shipibo Artisans in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. It was expertly customised by our professional seamstress in the UK to provide an elegant, high-quality finish. It has a corduroy reverse, a durable zip and a removable inner stuffed with recycled polyester. 

Each purchase provides an income for Shipibo Artisans and their families and is a regenerative investment into Amazonian permaculture projects.

  • Size 33cm x 33cm
  • Unique, authentic, hand-embroidered Shipibo tapestry from Amazonian Peru.
  • Textile is 100% Cotton 
  • Customised in the UK using high-quality corduroy reverse and zip
  • Contains removable inner, stuffed with recycled polyester 
  • Ethical investment into seeding and supporting projects in the Amazon.
  • Our transparent pricing ensures Artisans always receive their full asking price.

The magical artistry of the Shipibo plays a central role in their ancient cosmology and healing traditions.

The intricate display of advanced designs and complex colour combinations create multidimensional melodies which elegantly animate any living space. 

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