Misha Andean Organic Baby Alpaca Cushion Set

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This stunning set of organic baby alpaca wool cushions features a tapestry expertly handwoven by Lucia Santa Cruz.

The Story

Lucia is an artisan from Amaru, a remote Quechua community nestled high up in the serene Andean Mountains of Peru. She was taught the ancient Incan technique of weaving from her grandmother since the age of seven and is now passing this on to her two daughters. 

Lucia spends her days carefully creating wonderful mosaics using wool from her free-to-roam Alpaca. Skillfully spinning each thread, then naturally dyeing them and finally weaving it all together to form art which tells a story of love, respect and reciprocity with the world around her.

The Quechua people face huge challenges in this modern world, mining, deforestation, oil pipelines, and, like many other indigenous peoples, their culture risks real extinction.

Supporting Quechua art enables these traditions to continue, and if these ancient skills are truly valued in the modern world, then future generations will thrive. 

Further than Fair Trade -  The Artisans we work with always receive their full asking price and we send 1/6th from every Andean purchase to high-impact partner projects which are regenerating the Peruvian Andes with permaculture. 

The Cushions

This traditional pasadiso was then customised into a luxurious set of cushions by our professional seamstress Joan Kirkham. Using the finest quality organic cotton for the backing, and custom creating inners which are stuffed with Kapok, a luxurious, organic, soft & bouncy tree seed fibre from Java. 

The Basics

  • Sizes: - 2 x Small Cushions are 45cm x 36cm & Bolster is 89cm x 36cm
  • 100% Organic, free-to-roam Alpaca wool
  • Hypoallergenic, Water repellent, Non-Flammable and Highly breathable
  • Organically dyed using sustainably foraged plants, minerals and insects.
  • 100% Made in the Andean mountains of Peru.
  • Directly supporting the families and communities of the weavers.
  • Each purchase contributes to the continuation of Quechua tradition.

Quechua weavings are rich and the true timeless jewels of the Andes. They have a powerful presence, taking weeks to make and thousands of years of ancestral heritage to create. These weavings offer something truly rare & unique as an extra special to gift someone, or would elegantly compliment your home with a sophisticated style. 

Feel confident knowing that you're making an ethical decision by supporting Quechua artisans, their families & communities and contributing to the continuation of Quechua culture and the regeneration of the Peruvian Andes. 

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