Shipibo Ancestral Design 'Purple' Falda

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Hand-embroidered in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, these rare and unique ancestral designs have been passed down from ancient times. These patterns embody a distinct magical quality, said to promote balance health and harmony in the home.

This style of weaving and embroidery is practised only by master artisans and is rarely found amongst Shipibo communities today. These vintage, ancestral designs embody the ancient essence of Shipibo tradition. Passed down through countless generations, these patterns are ancestral healing codes which weave worlds together and communicate a sacred cosmology.

These long, wide tapestries offer an inspired expression of the Peruvian Amazon and with beautifully complex colour combinations, faldas make the perfect wall-hanging and can serve as elegant runners for your dining table or bed. When worn, they make for a wonderfully colourful scarf or %u2018wrap around%u2019.

  • 100% Cotton: 154cm x 66cm
  • Authentic, hand embroidered Ancestral Design Shipibo tapestry from Amazon of Peru.
  • Ethical investment into seeding and supporting Permaculture projects in the Amazon.
  • Our transparent pricing ensures Artisans always receive their full asking price

The patterns you see are pictorial expressions of Shipibo songs which are continuously singing themselves into existence. Traditionally, they were painted and embroidered during ceremonial practice, as the %u2018Icaros%u2019 were gifted to them from plant spirits. The wisdom of the Shipibo is as deep as the jungle; explore our Wisdom Portal to discover more about their tradition.

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