Amazonian 'Ayahuasca flower' Falda

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**This is a 'live inventory' product available directly from the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. This one of a kind handmade piece of authentic Shipibo art is also on display at the local marketplace so if it calls to you then be sure to Buy Now before somebody else does!!

Señora Celestina Anguli Chavez grew up in a very small community named 'Alto Ucayali-Runuya'. From a very young age, she learnt about shipibo designs and has practised this type of embroidery every day since. She has now been a well respected shipiba artesan within her community for 25 years. She explains how important it is for her to practice this art every day as to forever improve and be able to survive in todays society.

100% Cotton Approx size 130cm x 65cm and 170cm x 75cm Authentic Amazonian Ancestral Art Directly helping Indigenous Artisan  Regenerative investment into Amazonian Reforestation projects

These long, wide tapestries offer an inspired expression of the Peruvian Amazon and with beautifully complex color combinations, faldas make the perfect wall-hanging and can serve as elegant runners for your dining table or bed. When worn, they make for a wonderfully colorful scarf or wrap around.

The patterns you see are pictorial expressions of Shipibo songs which are continuously singing themselves into existence. Traditionally, they were painted and embroidered during ceremonial practice, as the songs were gifted to them from plant spirits. The wisdom of the Shipibo is as deep as the jungle; explore our Wisdom Portal to discover more about their tradition.

For most Shipibo communities selling of this Ancestral art is often the main source of income, and their work has very limited exposure, mostly limited to few passing seasonal tourists. Our project provides a free service for the artisans enabling them to market their craft worldwide.


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