Shipibo Black kene Falda

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Authentic, Hand Embroidered Shipibo Art from the Amazon Rainforest. Every piece is one of a kind.

  • 100% Cotton approximately between 130cm x 65cm and 170cm x 75cm
  • Fair Trade - Artisan always receives 100% of their full asking price
  • 1/6th of your purchase goes to Amazonian Reforestation projects.

This product is part of our live inventory stock. It’s currently for sale both on our website & from location in the Amazon rainforest of Peru.

Each of these Shipibo Falads is carefully sewn over weeks to create a complex melody of colour &  geometry. These patterns have been handed down from countless generations inspired by visions and songs from ayahuasca healing ceremonies.

Faldas provide you with the perfect wall-hanging to animate your home with authentic peruvian art. When worn, they make for a vibrant colorful scarf or wrap around. These striking pieces of ancestral art are said to promote balance and harmony within their environment.

    The Artisan

    Celestina Anguli is from a small Amazonian community named 'Runuya'. From a very young age, Celestina learnt how to embroider from her grandmother and has been practising her ancestral art for over 25 years. This art supports her family she explains how important it is for her to practice this every day to continue her tradition, the always improve and to survive in today's society.

    For most Shipibo communities selling of this Ancestral art is often the main source of income, and their work has very limited exposure, mostly limited to few passing seasonal tourists. Our project provides a free service for the artisans enabling them to market their craft worldwide.

    Our project provides artisans like Celestina with a free platform to help sell her art to the world. We ensure that the artisans we work with always receive 100% of their full asking price and we send return 1/6th of each purchase to amazonian permaculture projects. So you can feel assured that your purchase is positively impacting on the people of the Amazon and the planet.


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