Shipibo 'Purple' Falda

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Hand-embroidered by a Shipibo artisan in the Amazonian Rainforest, this carefully crafted tapestry of visionary art provides the perfect gift from Peru.

The complex Shipibo patterns create a mesmerising melody of colour providing a captivating centrepiece for a feature wall. Their vivid designs and multi-purpose dimensions make faldas elegant runners for your dining table or bed and, when worn, make for vibrant colourful scarves or %u2018wrap-arounds'.

Select the %u2018Convert into Cushion%u2019 Option and we%u2019ll transform the embroidered section of this Falda into a large high-quality Floor cushion. Working with our professional seamstress, we create luxury cushions with a strong and supple corduroy reverse and optional Inner. Check out some examples here.

  • 100% Cotton: 150cm x 69cm
  • Authentic, hand embroidered Shipibo tapestry from Amazon of Peru.
  • Ethical investment into seeding and supporting regenerative Permaculture projects in the Amazon.
  • Our transparent pricing ensures Artisans always receive their full asking price

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The patterns you see are pictorial expressions of Shipibo songs which are continuously singing themselves into existence. Traditionally, they were painted and embroidered during ceremonial practice, as the %u2018Icaros%u2019 were gifted to them from plant spirits. The wisdom of the Shipibo is as deep as the jungle; explore our Wisdom Portal to discover more about their tradition.

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